Tips From the Field – Outcome Measurements and Evaluation (OME’s): Why They Matter

Sharing delivery approaches used in CL-funded programs that reflect best practices in adult foundational learning theory. Outcome Measurements and Evaluation (OME’s): Why They Matter Adult foundational learners return to the classroom in hopes of developing the skills and confidence to fully participate in their lives – whether that be in […]

Tips From the Field – Making a Safe Space

Sharing delivery approaches and wise practices from Calgary Learns grant-funded programs. Safe Spaces: Trauma and Learning Many of the adult learners in our programs come with past trauma or education experiences that were not positive. For practitioners, specific learners likely come to mind…  adults who left us with no doubt […]

Tips From the Field – Online Show & Tell

Coming alongside adult foundational learners requires attentiveness and creativity, and a commitment to finding ways to meet them right where they are. Responding to feedback or cues with innovative approaches goes a long way to helping learners develop the positive self-narratives and the foundational skills they need to achieve their […]