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Why Evidence Matters – Grant Writing Tips from Calgary Learns

Establishing evidence of need for a project or program is one of the most important questions grant seekers must answer on any grant application. You may have an exciting idea for a project or program but you must make the case that your particular approach will address the unique and […]

Tips From the Field – Outcome Measurements and Evaluation (OME’s): Why They Matter

Sharing delivery approaches used in CL-funded programs that reflect best practices in adult foundational learning theory. Outcome Measurements and Evaluation (OME’s): Why They Matter Adult foundational learners return to the classroom in hopes of developing the skills and confidence to fully participate in their lives – whether that be in […]

Defining our terms

Calgary Learns supports foundational learning for adults – that is our core work.  We are often asked to define our terms. Questions like ‘what’s the difference between literacy and foundational learning?’. The definition of terms we use were drawn from research and resources that inform adult learning principles and pedagogy.  […]

Tips From the Field – Making a Safe Space

Sharing delivery approaches and wise practices from Calgary Learns grant-funded programs. Safe Spaces: Trauma and Learning Many of the adult learners in our programs come with past trauma or education experiences that were not positive. For practitioners, specific learners likely come to mind…  adults who left us with no doubt […]

When the ‘Pivot’ Becomes the Practice: responding to online/remote/blended instruction and learning needs

Contents Two Calgary Learns projects Teaching Tips using Zoom Are you there? Profile picture Engage your learners ABC Life Literacy resources and tools Zoom tips from the community – fighting zoom fatigue Remote Delivery Options for Service Providers Synchronous Tools Asynchronous Tools How to troubleshoot a learner’s computer… Screenshots Picture […]

Tips From the Field – Online Show & Tell

Coming alongside adult foundational learners requires attentiveness and creativity, and a commitment to finding ways to meet them right where they are. Responding to feedback or cues with innovative approaches goes a long way to helping learners develop the positive self-narratives and the foundational skills they need to achieve their […]

Shifting to Online/Remote/Blended Adult Foundational Learning Programming – Field Notes

The following are collated field notes from many Community Conversations held from April 2020 to winter 2021. Our sincere thanks to everyone who participated, shared their learnings, their wisdom and their passion for finding ways to support adult literacy and foundational learning in a sudden shift to virtual platforms. We […]

Attracting, Retaining, and Engaging Adults as Learners

Across the past 8 months, every professional development session, including Community Conversations, and each Community of Purpose gathering has touched on the persistent issue of attracting/retaining and engaging adult learners. Practitioners have shared a lot of information and we have gathered that knowledge and experience through our newsletters over the […]