The Ministry of Advanced Education funds the Community Adult Learning Program (CALP) in Alberta. CALP supports non-profit organizations that deliver part-time, non-formal literacy and foundational learning opportunities to financially and socially barriered adult learners (18+).

Calgary Learns is an urban granting council that administers CALP funding, through a competitive granting program, for learning opportunities that support literacy and foundational learning, numeracy, proficiency in the English language, the ability to engage with basic technology, and foundational life skills.

Calgary Learns’ grants help programs reduce financial barriers for learners.

Calgary Learns has three funding streams:

  1. Program – programs and projects that support adult literacy and foundational learning
  2. Indigenous – programs and projects that support adult literacy and foundational learning to meet the unique needs of Indigenous learners
  3. Initiative – one-time innovative projects that address emerging needs in adult learning

We support adult learning models that:

  • provide a holistic, learner-centred approach
  • incorporate recognized adult learning principles, including the enhancement of learner self-esteem and self-advocacy skills
  • integrate basic literacy and essential skills development into areas of high-interest to adults
  • provide pathways for learners to transition successfully from and to related programs or next steps (to employment or to further learning, for example)
  • attend to diversity and the meaningful participation of marginalized adults
  • incorporate Indigenous models and perspectives, embedding foundational learning in culture

See our Funding FAQ page for more information on proposal development and requirements.

* Your organization is not required to become a member before submitting a proposal. However if your proposal is successful, your organization must become a member before receiving funds. Check out our membership.