Integrated Foundational Learning (IFL) project & workshops



The IFL Project – Phase III: Fall 2014 – Winter 2016

Calgary Learns received funding for phase III of the IFL program from The Calgary Foundation. The program design was enhanced through the incorporation of many of the recommendations from the program’s External Evaluation (2014).

The new & improved modular design of the IFL program included:

  • Workshops open to all community adult educators
  • Additional session for Advanced Facilitation
  • Supporting the creation of an IFL Community of Practice

We offered workshops and mentorship. Organizations could take the workshops without continuing with the mentorship.

Workshops (maximum of 3 people per organization):

The cost for attending the workshops are $20 per workshop for members or $30 per workshop for non-members.

Mentorships include

  • Literacy and Essential Skills Mentor to support program
  • Customized workshops
  • Mentorship applications will be available in February 2016

The mentorship requirements are:

  • a minimum of 2 staff attend all workshops (except facilitators with more than 1 year facilitation experience can choose whether or not to attend the Introduction to Facilitation Skills workshop),
  • the capacity to work with a mentor for 20 hours minimum during 2016,
  • the willingness and capability to make modifications to programs to better serve learners

This IFL program is funded through the generous support of

Calgary Foundation Colour


The IFL Project – Phase I & II

The Integrating Foundational Learning (IFL) Project Report can teach you how to identify and include literacy and Essential Skills in your everyday programs. Calgary Learns funded Literacy Alberta to deliver the first IFL Project. The project ran from September 2010 to October 2011 with seven Calgary Learns-funded organizations participating.Due to the success of the first IFL Project, we chose to expand the reach of this training in Calgary. Calgary Learns ran the second IFL Project from July 2012-December 2013 with eight local organizations participating. With our commitment to the helping foundational learners, Calgary Learns broadly shares the program learnings and welcomes other organization’s to use resources that may assist them to better serve their learners.



Foundational learning
refers to the basic skills or competencies adults require to fully participate in life: the ability to participate as neighbours and citizens, have satisfying employment and prepare to pursue further learning.